Ethics Code

Ethics Code

With the introduction of our company Ethics Code we would like to firmly announce our commitment to managing our business in compliance with the highest business ethics standards and to encourage our employees to discuss ethics matters with the company management in order to maintain this standard. The business ethics values, associated with the approach of Elprom Heavy Industries stand for high professional standard and encouraging the fair and correct relations with our employees and clients. The Ethics Code enhances our main policy to provide fair opportunities and to maintain fair, free and peaceful working environment.    

We establish this Code of Ethics, which defines our standards of conduct in faithfully accomplishing our original role and social responsibilities as a corporate entity and we declare that we shall comply with this Code of Ethics.


  • We shall be an ethical company that abides by all domestic and international laws and regulations through fair and transparent management practices.
  • We shall achieve customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs and expectations. 
  • We shall pursue to maximize our corporate value through fair and efficient management.
  • We shall work to fulfill our social responsibilities and duties as a member of our community, and contribute to the development of our nation and society.
  • We shall work to create a transparent and ethical corporate culture through fair competition and trading practices.
  • We shall strive to be a company with the highest quality human resources that offers equal opportunities to our employees in a safe and comfortable working environment.


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