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Elprom Heavy Industries successfully executed wind farm project in Greece

We are proud to announce that Elprom Heavy Industries has successfully designed, manufactured, and delivered a state-of-the-art power transformer to a prominent wind farm in Greece. This latest achievement highlights our commitment to providing cutting-edge electrical solutions for renewable energy projects.
The transformer, rated at 65/75 MVA with a voltage of 150/33 kV and featuring ONAN/ONAF cooling, represents a significant milestone in our product line. Equipped with the advanced VOLTAP On-Load Tap-Changer (OLTC), this transformer ensures optimal voltage regulation and enhanced operational efficiency, crucial for the dynamic demands of wind energy generation.
This project underscores our dedication to supporting the global transition to renewable energy. By integrating our high-performance transformers into wind farms, we are contributing to a sustainable future and reinforcing our position as serious ally in the power industry.
We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team and partners who have made this accomplishment possible. We look forward to continuing our work on innovative projects that drive progress and sustainability in the energy sector.
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