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Harnessing the Power of the Sun: New 40/50 MVA Power Transformers for Solar Park in Bulgaria

We are delighted to announce that Elprom Heavy Industries has successfully delivered two advanced power transformers, each rated at 40/50 MVA with a voltage of 110/33/(6.3) kV ONAN/ONAF, to a major solar park in Bulgaria. These transformers are equipped with the cutting-edge Voltap On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC), marking a significant contribution to Bulgaria's expanding renewable energy infrastructure.


At Elprom Heavy Industries, we are dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions through innovative engineering. Our successful delivery of these power transformers underscores our commitment to supporting Bulgaria’s renewable energy goals and demonstrates our capability to provide top-tier products for major projects worldwide.


As we continue to contribute to the global renewable energy transition, we are excited about the opportunities ahead. The successful installation of these transformers is a significant milestone, and we look forward to supporting more projects that drive sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

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