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Inspection and Maintenance of RS6 and RS9 in Bucharest, Romania

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Aftersales and maintenance services are an important part of what we offer our clients. The design of HHIB tap changers facilitates quick and easy maintenance and minimum down time for the transformer. Our close cooperation with local representatives and clients ensures minimum time and effort for the procedures.

Earlier this month SMART Sibiu, a major maintenance provider for the transmission grid in Romania performed a series of maintenance activities in a number of substations owned by ELCEN Bucharest, one of the largest electricity suppliers in the country.

As part of the maintenance a HHIB aftersales team took part in the project under the coordination of our Romanian representative Scando Trading. HHIB specialists performed maintenance service on two OLTC units – type RS6 and RS9. In accordance with the inspection, maintenance and repair procedures of HHIB the service team took accurate measurements of actuating times and contact resistances, inspected the diverter switch and replaced the oil of the units. After synchronization of the tap changer and the motor drive unit and final measurements of the ohmical resistances and transformer ratios the maintenance was completed and the substation was soon operational.

We would like to thank our representative in Romania Scando Trading, as well as our partners and end customers SMART Sibiu and ELCEN Bucharest for the cooperation.

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