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New 275 MVA Transformer

In December 2020 Hyundai Heavy Industries Bulgaria deliver 275 MVA Generator Step-Up Transformer for one of the Key Thermal Power Plants in Bulgaria. Transformer will be used for connecting one of Turbine Generator with Power 227 MW and Voltage 15.75 kV to National Electric Grid system - voltage level 220 kV.

Unit is with highest capacity produced ever in HHIB. Its weight is approximately 220 tones and have OFAF colling system. Tank of the transformer was designed in such way that provide us possibility to use Railway transport by using special wagon where transformer become part of it.

Because of specific environment features and weight of transformers, transportation to end costumer was challenge and was mandatory to use Road and Railway Transportation.

Contract for delivery of this unit was continuing of our good business relation with TPP Maritsa East 3. Few years ago, HHIB made modernization and refurbishment of transformers owned by TTP. Modernization was for increasing the nominal power from 235 MVA up to 275 MVA and extending the lifetime of transformers!

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