Design and Production

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Elprom Heavy Industries is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of power transformers. Our team consists of qualified engineers and experienced technicians using the most modern and up-to-date design technology. All transformers in our product range are a result of our own research, development and manufacturing, which makes us unique in the industry

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With over half Century of expiriance our strong engineering team had established dynamic system to perform:


  • Continuous optimization calculation for technical offers
  • Electrodynamic withstand capability of transformer short circuits Electric field and maximum electric stresses
  • Leakage flux distribution in the windings
  • Mechanical stresses in the tank
  • Distribution of the temperature rise core and coil etc.


The research function of the design department was transferred to the R&D section, established in 2014.

Our designs meet all client special requirements and the applicable national as well as international standards such as IEC, EN, ANSI, NEMA, BS, etc.





  • Our cores are of the plane type and overlap joints (at 45°) of the core laminations. The cores are made of high quality, cold-rolled silicon steel, grain-oriented with low losses, 0,23-0,3 mm thickness, coated with organic and/or non-organic coating.


  • Our windings are made of copper conductor (rectangular, multiple and transposed types) covered with several layers of highly temperature resistent insulation paper and/or enamel coating of high dielectric strength.


  • The tank and cover are manufactured of high quality hot rolled steel sheets, profile balks and strips. The interior of the tank, cover and pipes are painted with oil resistant paint. The exterior is painted according to C5M painting procedurs. The transformer structure is designed and manufactured to withstand full vacuum, stresses resulting from oil hydraulic pressure, dynamic forces during transportation, etc.