Manufacturing program

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More than 60 years as global leader in the manufacturing of oil-immersed power transformers

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  • The main goal of Elprom Heavy Industries is to meet the needs of our customers worldwide (power substations, thermal power plants, hydro power plants, renewable energy sources of power plants, industrial enterprises etc.)


  • We offer our power and special transformers completely equipped with our own internally developed Tap Changers, manufactured on-site in Elprom Heavy Industries.


  • We have succesfully manufactured and installed more than 2 400 power transformers (over 78 000 MVA).

Product Range

  • Three phase power transformers up to 250 MVA and 400 kV with OLTC/OCTC
  • Single phase power transformers up to 250 MVA and voltages up to 400 kV, with OLTC/OCTC
  • Generator transformers of ratings up to 275 MVA at voltages up to 400 kV, with OLTC/OCTC
  • Autotransformers up to 250 MVA and voltages up to 400 kV, with OLTC/OCTC
  • Furnace transformers up to 15 MVA, with OLTC 
  • Phase shifting transformers 
  • Mobile transformers up to 245 kV, with OLTC/OCTC;



  • Power and voltage up to 275 MVA and  400 kV spectively, proven quality and record in intertantional markets;
  • Competitive price and fast-track deliveries;
  • Competitive construction design developed by highly qualified engineers and execuded by experienced workers;
  • Advanced design technology including seismic analyses, short-circuit, insulation calculations, etc.;
  • Advanced manufacturing and testing equipment;
  • Quality control on every stage of the design and manufacturing processes;
  • "From Quatation to Energization" - fulfilling client specifications from quatation to energization in accordance with international standards;